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TAVASA puts heat 'in line' with its new Sir-Tu range of Sangría and Summer Red Wines


The launch of these two summer and typically Mediterranean products, is part of the strategy of the company to complete its offer with quality wine products "for our customers and distributors to have a wider catalog of drinks in all categories" tells National Sales Manager of the company, Jose Antonio Villar.

TAVASA Breweries ( launches its new line of Sir-Tu wine products, composed of Sangria and Summer Red Wine, the latter in the Classic and Lemon varieties. These are typical Spanish products made with quality ingredients that help combat the summer heat, during the cocktail hour or at any other time and environment.

"Sir-Tu Sangría and Summer Red wine are soft drinks, made with high quality Spanish wine. Among their main advantages are: Easy carrying (can bring and consume anywhere); quick preparation (ready to be served cold or with ice, without complications) and immutability (quality and flavors are always the same, regardless of who serves or availability of ingredients)”, points out José Antonio Villar, TAVASA’s National Sales Manager.

The new release of the distillery follows the increasing demand of such products, in recent years, have become very fashionable in Spain, especially in summer. With the new Sir-Tu Sangria and Summer Red Wine, the company is targeting primarily the food market (traditional shops, supermarkets and department stores), but also the Hotel and catering sectors, mainly in the local beach areas. The company is also developing a specific format of Bag-in-Box, for the hospitality industry.
" Sirt-Tu Sangria and Summer Red Wine, offer an alternative to other popular products such as beer and connect very well with all audiences," explains Jose Antonio Villar. "This new release is also part of the strategy we started two years ago, consisting of complete supply of wine distillery with quality products for our customers and distributors to have a broader beverage range in all categories ".

Sir-Your Sangria, Mediterranean flavor

If there is a "Mediterranean" drink par excellence, this certainly is the Sangria. Since the time of the Romans, the peoples of the coast mixed wine with fruit juice to make it more fresh . TAVASA offers traditional production, with the best ingredients. Healthy and natural. They are the perfect drink to liven up snack time or hot summer afternoons.

Sir-It is a red wine sangria, made with Tempranillo and Garnacha, and a selection of the best natural citrus and tropical fruits extracts. With a bright red color, combines wine aroma with the freshness and sweetness of oranges, plus a hint of cinnamon, leaving a refreshing and pleasant mouth feel. It has an alcohol content of 7% vol. and is available in 1.5L PET container.

Sir-Tu Summer Red Wine, a "social" drink

The Summer Red Wine is the drink par excellence in all summer celebrations. Originally from Andalusia, where developed in the middle of XIX century, it has spread throughout Spain, to become an emblem of summer and an infallible remedy for the summer heat.

TAVASA offers Sir-Tu Summer Red Wine, in two varieties: Classic (made of red wine and soda) and Lemon (made of red wine and lemon soda) made with red wine from Tempranillo and Garnacha.

Our Classic Summer Red Wine has bright red color, is fresh and powerful on the palate, with citrus aromas and an integration of the bubble in the wine, which makes it very pleasant to the palate. In turn, Sir-Tu Lemon Summer Red Wine, with a paler red color, has the typical aroma and sweetness of lemon soda, which makes it softer on the palate and very easy to drink.

There are two unique drinks, halfway between the strength of red wine and the cooling power of lemonade, perfect as an aperitif or for summer nights. Both products have an alcohol content of 4.5% vol. and are available in 1.5 liter PET.

The company

TAVASA is a family company, 100% Spanish capital and 165 years of history. As one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of alcoholic drinks, portfolio covers, from spirits (whiskey, vodka, gin, rum ...), marc, creams and liqueurs with or without alcohol, to wines and juice concentrates.