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TAVASA promotes its fruit cocktails and Premium distillates PLATINVM in the wedding sector

TAVASA Distillery attended the 1001 WEDDING FAIR 2016, celebrated from the 14Th to the 16Th of October in Madrid, in order to promote its range of fruit and flower cocktails and Premium Distillates PLATINVM. 

“As a provider in the weddings sector our commitment is to help our clients create a unique moments and memories”, explains José Antonio Villar, TAVASA Distillery commercial director. “Thanks to our innovation efforts and to its originality, the wine cocktails and distillates PLATINVM are a complement that helps to unleash the magic in these kind of celebrations”.



Platinvm Fragrances, a very photogenic cocktail

The key TAVASA offer in this fair was its collection of wine cocktails Platinvm Fragrances, designed to create celebrations full of magic and color.

Platinvm Fragrances is a unique range of cocktails, created mixing a selected wine with natural fruit and flowers extracts. They offer delicate perfumes and tastes and their compelling colors with pearly waves create an extraordinary visual effect.  

Due to their sweetness, delicate gasification and low alcohol content (8% vol.), Platinvm Fragrances are perfect as a welcome cocktail, served with desserts or as a colorful and extremely original present, in their 37,5Cl format.

Platinvm Fragrances are available in the following combinations: Nº3 ‘Rose Petals and Orange’; Nº5 ‘Strawberries and Mint’; Nº6 ‘Violets and Wild Berries’; Nº7 ‘Pineapple and Coconut’ y Nº8 ‘Green Apple and Amaretto’.

The elegance of precious metals, into the most exclusive distillates

The brides visiting the 1001 WEDDINGS FAIR 2016, also had the opportunity to taste PLATINVM Distillates, a huge range of Premium distillates with gold and silver dust inside. PLATINVM Distillates are liquid jewels famous for their quality and originality. The gold and silver flakes inside reflect the light, creating a unique shimmering in bottles and glasses.

The Platinvm Distillates assortment includes: London Dry Gin Platinum Gold with 24K gold dust; London Dry Gin Platinvm with silver flakes; Pure Polish Vodka and Vodka&Caviar both including silver flakes; Blended Malt Scotch with gold and a Brandy “Gran Reserva” with gold.

The last products included in this assortment was the Premium Dominican Rum Platinvm Gold, a complex and harmonious distillate offering a sweet perfume of vanilla and chocolate.