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TAVASA is one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. Its portfolio spans from spirits (whiskey, vodka, gin, rum...), marc, creams and liqueurs with or without alcohol, to wines and juice concentrates.

We are a family company with 165 years of history and a great industrial experience. Our drinks stand out for their quality, innovation and the use of the best materials and technologies. Furthermore, the fusion of the traditional techniques with the modern machinery gives a unique and personal character to our products.

TAVASA offers Premium brands and excellent spirits at very competitive prices, letting consumers enjoy our products at any time and place. Our drinks are present at major shopping areas in Spain, in the retail industry and in several markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

TAVASA drinks from tradition, but it is also a modern and flexible enterprise with a clear and rapid adaptation to new market demands, promoting responsible drinking and environmental care.


In 1847, in Martos de Jaen, Andalusia (Spain), it was established our first distillery. Later, the business emigrated to Cuba and was introduced in the manufacture of the traditional spirits of the island.

After the War of Cuba in the late nineteenth century, the family returned to Spain empty handed, but with all the experience in his Caribbean adventure from Madrid, focused on the development of spirits, anise, brandy and cazalla.

In the following decades, we experienced steady growth and modernization. Two periods were key to its development:

  • The 60s: We changed from the traditional bulk supply to bottling. It was the beginning of the nationwide distribution and the development of new products.
  • The 90s: Moving of the headquarters to the present location after heavy investment in infrastructure and technology, the beginning of exports and the introduction into the larger retailers market.

Today, TAVASA advances under the direction of the family’s fifth generation.


TAVASA has modern facilities in an estate of 40.000m² in Casarrubios del Monte, midway between Toledo and Madrid.

The factory is equipped with the most advanced technologies with the storage capacity of over 6,000,000 liters. With two bottle lines able to handle up to 16,000 bottles per hour, and packaging machinery able to pack in any format. It also has a fully equipped chemical laboratory, cellar with American oak barrels and a large bottle warehouse. The aging cellar has a capacity in oak of 600,000 liters.

In TAVASA, we carefully select raw materials and imported products from the best origins. All our spirits are developed in our own research laboratory by qualified professionals with large and recognized experience in the liquors sector. Before entering the manufacturing process, all the raw materials undergo thorough several tests to ensure their quality and stability, in the physical, chemical and sensory aspects.


Quality | ISO 22000:2005 CertifiedInnovation is a key part of TAVASA’s daily work. Thanks to it, we have managed to evolve from manufacturing to more traditional spirits, to offer a complete range of innovative products, consistent with the most demanding consumer’s expectations.

Quality and food safety are also priorities for the company. Our drinks are certified by ISO 22.000 quality standard and hold UNE -EN 45022:1998 certification of products.

In TAVASA we have our own Quality Department, which is responsible for controlling all stages of production and training of employees. We also apply an ambitious system for the evaluation of suppliers, in order to ensure the quality and safety of our products from the raw materials themselves.



  • A company with over 150 years of history.
  • Extensive presence in national and international markets.
  • Knowledge of consumer’s tastes and environment.
  • Large industrial experience.
  • Important logistics capacity and efficiency.
  • Professional network of specialized distributors.


  • Continuous innovation cycle for products, packaging and processes.
  • Customized solutions for clients.
  • Quick adaptation to the requirements of different customers and sectors.
  • Broad portfolio with the latest products for each market.
  • Being at the forefront of new technologies in design and manufacturing of spirits.
  • Stock to attend unscheduled demands.


  • Great products at an affordable cost.
  • High customer satisfaction : our experience supports us.
  • Compliance with stringent quality standards and traceability.
  • Procedures for the control of own products and raw materials.
  • Operational Excellence.